Putin has the world’s most dangerous poison, even the enemy begs for death with pain

Putin has the world’s most dangerous poison : World’s Most Deadliest Poison: Strychnine is one of the most dangerous poisons in the world. This chemical is so dangerous that it gives painful death to humans. Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly also has this poison. It is used by Russian intelligence agencies to hide their enemies.

Moscow: There are many types of poison in the world. Some kill slowly, some do not even give a chance to speak. Some poisons are such that the person dying from it does not even know anything, while there are some which give so much pain that the person starts begging for his death. Russian President Vladimir Putin has a similar poison. He reportedly uses it on his enemies.

Putin has the world's most dangerous poison

Putin has the world’s most dangerous poison : The name of this dangerous poison is Strychnine. It is used by the Russian intelligence agency KGB. An expert on this poison says that strychnine is the world’s most painful chemical. It gives terrible pain as soon as it goes inside the body. The body trembles completely, breaking the bond that holds the bones and muscles together.

Putin has the world’s most dangerous poison

According to the report of the Daily Star, poison expert Neil Broadbury

said that the worst thing about this poison is that it acts very slowly. It takes many hours to kill a human. Along with this, it does not affect the senses of the victim and he keeps feeling every pain. The muscles inside the body are constantly breaking down and pain is felt.

Chemical banned in Britain

Russian whistleblower Alexander Perepilichny was found dead in London. Later it was found that his body also had the same chemical as strychnine. However, the investigation did not find any direct evidence that it was a murder. This dangerous chemical is strictly banned in the UK, because it has a very bad effect on the human body. He said that it is very difficult to kill someone with poison. This requires a lot of planning.

Putin’s opponents had openly announced

that senior Russian political figures have publicly incited Putin’s close people to assassinate him. So Putin’s fears are not unfounded. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina tweeted calling for Putin’s assassination. He had said, ‘The only way to end all this is for someone to throw this man (Putin) out’. You will do this for your country, for the world.

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